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Overall Vicky was a great real estate agent.

From the moment I connected with Vicky she was very responsive to not only scheduling viewings of homes but also to suggest others in the area which met my list of requirements for a purchase of a new home. ... (more)


Vicky has done a wonderful job responding to our needs. We haven't found a house yet
but I know we will with Vicky's help. Vicky is in my opinion is a great agent and she seems to listen to our requests and she always follows up after we look at the houses... (more)


Vicky was very quick to help us out with any questions or concerns. She was always available when we needed her and responded quickly when a message was left. Our experience with Vicky was very pleasant, especially since the process of buying a new home can... (more)

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Community Events

“Paws” at the Library: Therapets Dog Visit
10-19-18 5:30 pm - Highland Park Volleyball Courts
Free and Almost Free in Pittsburgh

Pets are a prescription for lives better lived. Evidence supports the benefits of interactions with animals, including decreased blood pressure, reduced stress and accelerated recovery rates from injuries. So take a “paws” from your studies...

Meditation Happy Hour
10-19-18 5:30 pm - Highland Park Volleyball Courts
I Meditate Pittsburgh

Let us come together to build a community of meditators and spread the benefits of meditation in Pittsburgh. Come, join us and tell the whole city "I Meditate Pittsburgh." :-) There are no prerequisites for this meetup. Everyone above 18 yrs of...

Friday Pickup Recreational Play (all skill levels) @ Highland Park *Lights work!
10-19-18 5:30 pm - Highland Park Volleyball Courts
Pittsburgh Beach Volleyball

Alright ladies and gentlemen, this may be the last one I host for the season. Let's make it a good one! *IMPORTANT!* We have made an agreement with the other group that plays there to have the lights turn on! Please bring $1 so we can pay for the...

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